Thursday, September 15, 2011

Step Away From The Donut

Drop the cookie. Don't even look at that piece of cake.

How many of us have time (or take time) for breakfast every morning, even if it's just a bowl of cereal? It's easy to grab the carbs, because they feel the most filling.

What, you've never eaten cake for breakfast? It's got eggs, milk, flour - sounds like breakfast to me.

Next time hunger hits, no matter what time of day it is, try some protein. It doesn't take much protein to satisfy. Besides filling the void in the stomach, it will give you energy and just make you feel better.

Try these protein snacks:
Nuts - Cashews, peanuts, pistachios -- Just a handful will stave off starvation.  (Yes, peanut M&M's will work in a pinch.)

Cheese - Cubed or sliced. Goes good with that banana you grabbed on your way out the door.

Milk - Take a few swallows with those vitamins.

Not a protein, but worth mentioning
Tea. Sort of. - Not a coffee drinker, or no time to make a pot? Add a tea bag to your water bottle. It won't be strong because the water isn't hot enough for steeping, but it will add a refreshing flavor to your water. (Thanks to my friend Leah for this inspiration!)

Comedy Break
What Bill Cosby Feeds His Kids For Breakfast


Erin said...

Great tips Criss! I wish I could take nuts to work with me...I really struggle to find protein items that are nut free.

Criss T said...

Erin - Here's a short list of options:

I especially like the idea of sunflower seeds. Maybe it's the nut-like crunch and saltiness that attracts me. Seeds seems like a good nut alternative.

Lisa said...

I think my previous comment got eaten. Sunflower butter would be a great option! It's delicious, healthy and nut free!

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