Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Chip Clip

Remember when those chip clips first came out?

Neat idea, but expensive if you have more than 2 bags open at the same time. I think they're still expensive, actually.

For many years now I've been using clothes pins.

Not only for chip bags, but for bread bags, too.

They are super cheap (you can find a package at the dollar store), but they are quicker to use on bread bags than twist ties or the plastic clips. Which means they are more likely to be used by the younger generation. (No guarantees implied here!)

The kind of clothespins I have found to work best is the wood ones with the spring. Not only do they hold tighter than the plastic ones, they last longer too. A package has lasted me a year or two.


Not this

Okay, but not the best.

What do you use to keep your chips and bread fresh?