Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas Clearance Tip

So, while most people shop the Christmas clearance section for Christmas-y things...

like an artificial tree...


outdoor decorations, like inflatable snow globes...


...and lights


and more lights.


But here's something you may have not considered shopping for
in the Christmas clearance section:

wrapping paper.

I'm sure you've purchased holiday-themed wrapping paper, but here's a new twist
look for paper that is generic enough to be used year-round.

Wrapping paper is expensive! Getting it at 50% - 75% off is a sweet deal!

Here is what I scored this year:

and close up

The Disney princess paper has only the slightest hint of holly.
Or maybe it's some form of poinsettia.

And I also picked up 2 rolls of Christmas paper
(since I already have plenty from previous years).

I just fell in love with this snowman.

So when you're at the store this week stop by the clearance area
and look for wrapping paper that can be used all year long.

Happy New Year!