Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pancake Dinner

My kids will tell you I never made pancakes.  Unless you count the frozen ones you pop in the microwave for a minute.  Well, the pancake companies came up with a nifty marketing piece that I absolutely adore:

pancake mix in a jug

Can you hear the angels singing?!  This little jug makes all the difference in the world.  Just add water, shake, and pour.  No mess!  No measuring flour!  No batter dripping from the ladle onto the counter and stove!

We now have "breakfast for dinner" frequently.  I add chocolate chips to some of the pancakes.  Blueberries to some (if they are on hand).  I serve fruit and whipped cream to discourage syrup consumption.  Sometimes we go all out and include scrambled eggs and bacon and sausage.

Happy flipping!


Stephers said...

Breakfast for dinner sounds delicious. :) And a lot healthier than fast food!

Kara said...

Those jugs are very convenient while camping!!! Bring your electric skillet and plug it in right on the picnic table!!!

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