Monday, November 7, 2011

Chevrons and a Bowl of Pears

What does one have to do with the other other?

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A few days ago, this was on my dining room table:


Green and Yellow Pears
aka "Grellow" Pears

More on the pears in a moment.

I'm slow to warm up to most trends. Especially the retro ones. 
No owls or peacocks in this house. 

Gray and yellow?

Turquoise? Too bright. Too 70's.

Chevrons? Why?!
Chevrons AND turquoise?
Chevrons AND turquoise AND yellow?!
Get me outta here!

Then one day
I put on a gray pair of pants for work.
I added a yellow shirt. 
And threw a denim jacket over it. 

My heart went pitter-patter. 
Weird! It kind of freaked me out how much I liked loved it. 
I think it was the gold stitching in the denim that tied the look together for  me. 

And then a few days ago with the bowl of grellow pears on my dining room table.

Why am I suddenly liking this color so much?
Maybe I'm reading too much Young House Love.

But I was sure
I would never get on the chevron train.

Then this sweater at TJ Maxx caught my eye: 

Why did I suddenly like chevron? Maybe it's the gradient colors? It's not as color-blocked as the other popular chevrons. I tried it on, but it just didn't fit right so I left without it. 

But that's okay. There's a lesson learned. Even if you don't like a current trend, don't judge the trend. You never know when you'll find it in your own personal style.

(Thrifty Decor Chick talks here about how sometimes our styles change, and it's okay if we don't fit neatly into a design label.)

Wait. Did I just use the word grellow? Maybe I am trendy after all.

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